Letter from Liann P.

Since meeting Chaia about 10 years ago, I knew something was different about her, something special. She taught me things 10 years ago that I still remember and use to this day; not because it came out of her own wisdom, but because she opened herself up to the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me. After moving back to Indianapolis to work with Chaia again about 4 years ago, I felt safe and loved and I knew I could begin my healing journey again at a deeper level. Chaia has provided a safe place for me to be honest and is honest with me in return. Unlike therapists or counselors, Chaia opens her home as this safe haven where I know I am loved unconditionally. I always feel relief as I step in her front door. Also, unlike most of the therapists and counselors I've worked with over the years, Chaia allows the Holy Spirit to lead our time together and asks God what we should be working on. This leads to more focus and lasting healing. Chaia is attentive and loving. Chaia has led me further in my healing journey and deepened my relationship with Jesus by gently challenging me and my false beliefs. I honestly did not believe that I would live to be in my late 20’s, but here I am today at almost 30, more healed and together than I ever have been in my entire life. I owe a big part of this to Chaia and her love and counsel.

Honestly, I HATE being given advice, but when Chaia offers advice, somehow I am able to hear it and oftentimes it leads to amazing freedom in my life. I am also not one who can work with a traditional therapist or counselor due to my background and education in therapy. But with Chaia, I don’t feel like I am hearing  and feeling things that have been taught to me in the classroom. I hear love. I hear God. I hear compassion and understanding. I feel a gentle nudge to walk out of bondage and into freedom.  I feel peace. I feel a joy that I never thought possible. Though Chaia does use some techniques from CBT, DBT, talk therapy, and art therapy; Chaia offers more than just that. She offers a unique approach that sees her clients where they are, meets them there, asks God to lead, and allows for deep healing that reaches the inner parts of the soul and spirit.      Liann P. (2016) 

​Letter from Jenny B.

Two years ago, I was referred to Aliyah by my Pastors to help me overcome eating disorders, which I have battled for over 20 years. Chaia, the founder of Aliyah, came into my life at just the right time and has been a God-send!

It is true that we can only give from what we have received from God ourselves, whether we realize it was from Him or not. Chaia serves from an honest and humble heart where God has redeemed and changed her life. There, she has given hope to me when I felt utterly hopeless and continues to work with me to develop strategies to overcome.

Chaia, and my work with her at Aliyah, is a partnership. She has been faithful to me, as has God, to build a game plan of success. Aliyah is clearly not a just a job for her, but a calling, in that she breathes hope to the hopeless and life where there is death. God has joined her work because He has done this for her and she has now given her life back to Him. It is beautiful and I am honored to have the opportunity to grow up and learn from her (and Him).

Today, I have more fortitude, desire and willingness to do what’s necessary to change than ever before. I believe it is possible and in a sense have set my face like flint. Much of this change, I believe, is because of my work with Aliyah, and how God has met us together as I seek to love and obey Him.

If you or anyone you know and love is battling eating disorders, addictions, trauma, or other mental issues, I would highly recommend Aliyah. Chaia has been a God-send in my life and works diligently to love God and others. With her overcoming, she brings wisdom, strategies and hope for those who want help finding the way out. We are not meant to do this alone.

Thank you Chaia and Aliyah!

Letter from Aly R.  

​​Wow, where do I even start…
God led me to Chaia through a friend over 6 years ago.  Having struggled with an eating disorder for half my life, I had been in and out of treatment centers and had seen more therapists, specialist, dietitians, etc. than I can count.  I remember seeking out an appointment with Chaia because I kept on having clinicians “give up” on me and refuse to see me anymore, definitely not a good feeling. I felt like God was telling me something would be different with Chaia, and boy was He right! From day one, Chaia accepted me and loved on me, something my heart had longed for so long.  She NEVER gave up on me. Even when my own family, and quite frankly,myself had given up… Chaia never did. She refused to give up on me. She saw God’s potential for my life. Through many sessions filled with prayer, encouragement, and hard truth (that I needed), Chaia has helped me radically change my life and find the true self that God created me to be.

When I first met Chaia, I was homeless, living in my car, depressed, alone, hurt, and deep into my eating disorder.  Now, I am happy to say that I am married to the man of my dreams, closer to God than I’ve ever been, finishing up grad school to be a therapist (to help others!), and most importantly living IN RECOVERY (no I’m not joking)!!!

I can’t even count how many sessions I have spent on Chaia’s red couch crying, feeling like there was “no way I could ever possibly recover” and Chaia was my rock throughout it all.  Never giving up on me and always encouraging me through her amazing story of recovery and by showing me God’s love and pointing me back to God.

I would recommend ANYONE who is willing to take the courageous step towards fighting for freedom and ultimately your life, to go see Chaia and her lovable pooch Mr. Finn!  I couldn’t be anymore grateful that I did, I firmly believe she is the reason I am still alive today.       

Aly R. (April 2018)