Chaia's Biography

Areas of Interest or Specialty

I have an interest in the areas of eating disorders, adjustment issues, and personal growth.  The desire of my heart is to use my training and the knowledge I have gained from my own 20 year struggle with anorexia and bulimia to help clients walk into the freedom that I and many others have found.    

Chaia Hazan is a licensed and ordained Chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains (  Chaia helped develop and implement an inpatient eating disorder program in Anderson, Indiana, where she served as Admissions Director and Chaplain for over 5 years.  Chaia stepped down to care for her father in the last years of his life. Recently, Chaia began working with clients on an outpatient basis from her home, and has been receiving requests from both individuals and treatment providers throughout the United States to work with individuals desiring help in getting "unstuck" from eating disorders and other unwanted life struggles. 

Chaia has survived a near 20-year battle with anorexia, bulimia, and other life threatening disorders. Her heart’s desire is to share the knowledge she has gained from her journey and help others walk into the freedom she has found.  Her testimony is being heard throughout the United States and Canada, and her story is an inspiration to all.  She knows that hope, healing and freedom are possible for individuals who have awakened to the realization that the eating disorder, which was at one point within their control (and possibly even their best friend), has in fact now begun to control them.  Chaia states, “please believe me when I say that freedom is possible…but it is not by an act of our will that we gain freedom from the grips of an eating disorder…if that were the case, many of us would have been free long ago. Instead, it is with the help of others who know the way ‘out’, and with the God who IS able to do all things, that we truly find freedom.”  Chaia’s passion for life is guided by knowing that through God not a single human being is beyond hope - because with Him ALL things truly ARE possible! 

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