​Perspective is Everything

​​Chaia's  Philosophy for Aliyah

Our Role as a Mentor/Coach

We cannot ask you to walk where we ourselves are not willing to go.  Therefore, we take every opportunity to continue our own healing.  We have all been broken in ways which may or may not be apparent to others.  Consequently we do not view ourselves as having all the answers, but as ones who attempt to help you understand, learn, and heal from the areas that impede and prevent you from finding your own answers and the freedom you seek. Our desire is to help lead and support you as you explore the difficult areas, both external and internal, that stand in the way of the quality of life you seek.  

We view ourselves as advocates in the healing process.  We are 
NOT therapists, but fellow human beings who have ourselves broken free from the things that once held us in bondage. We have walked the hard road to freedom, the same road that we desire to help you travail.  

We will work to create a safe place for you to explore thoughts, feelings, and present and past behaviors, without judgement.  We hold strongly to the belief that all human beings have value and are worthy of respect, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and past or present behavior.  Our role is not to judge, critique or tell you what to do.  Instead, we seek to help you see more clearly what exists in your current internal foundations, develop what may be missing, and deconstruct and rebuild the areas that have led to unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns. Our role is to partner in this process by utilizing the skill and knowledge we have acquired through our training and life experience to help guide you toward the wholeness and healing you desire.   

Your Role as Client

The one thing that we cannot do is walk this journey for you.  But we can walk it with you. Healing begins with a choice, a willingness to walk into the unknown and openness to the process of change.  Concerns, questions, thoughts and ideas are always a welcome part of the process, because if you are not comfortable and hopeful we could make a good team, it will be difficult to feel safe enough to fully engage.  

We ask you to work at developing an inquisitive stance toward your “stuckness” in life, and to become an explorer of your own souls.  This can be hard, but when achieved can help make the process one of discovery or a slightly scary adventure, rather than something to be dreaded.   

Aliyah's Mentoring/Coaching Approach

We are not only interested in helping you find ways to change on a behavioral level, but in working through underlying issues that drive behavior or response patterns.  In other words, we focus on treating the roots, not just the symptoms.  That being said, typically it is the symptoms that drive us to seek help from others.  We want relief.  We want help to make things better, or at least different.  These are starting points for us to learn, grow, heal, and change.  We view the symptoms that bring you to our door (anger, loneliness, depression, compulsive behavior patterns, etc.) as barometers that help point us in the direction of healing. They tell us something is wrong.  They may be unwanted and uncomfortable, but they are great springboards for growth and healing. 

We will ask you to set the pace as you are encouraged to talk about the issue(s) that bring you to Aliyah.  We rely heavily on the strength of the mentoring relationship to create the foundation for the healing process.  We take an integrative approach and will pull from a variety of theories, as well as from our own life journeys.  We may suggest the use of specific techniques which we think may be helpful and will often ask you to do homework in between sessions to further explore and begin practicing the things you learn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

No two people are the same; therefore no two mentor sessions are the same.  We tailor what we do to the individual.  We do not simply put a person through a system or program.  People come to us with different personalities, backgrounds, circumstances, issues, desires, strengths, weaknesses, spiritual perspectives, and levels of willingness to change.  We take all of these things into consideration as we begin our journey together.   

 Role of Spirituality in Treatment with Aliyah

Aliyah is here to serve you, regardless of your beliefs.  That being said, although Aliyah is not a faith-based organization, I (Chaia) and those who are employed at Aliyah are rooted solidly in the Christian faith, my own faith flowing from my Hebraic identity as a Jewish believer.  At your request, we welcome a direct focus on God and your understanding of God as a part of the mentor process.  We feel strongly that complete freedom and healing occurs on a heart/spirit level, rather than exclusively on a soul/mind/emotion level, although we also strongly believe that much healing and freedom can occur on a soul/mind/emotional level without any direct spiritually focused work.  

Our relationships with God have played pivotal roles in our own healing and are foundational to who we are as human beings.  Therefore our experiences with God influence our perspectives on healing as we engage in the mentor process.  

We want you to understand, however, that while we are not able to completely exclude God from the process of mentoring, all who work at Aliyah will be respectful and sensitive to those of you who do not hold a belief in God or who might adhere to a different faith.  Most importantly, we are committed to knowing and loving you, regardless of our differences.  We WILL NOT judge you or try to convert those of you who differ in your beliefs.  Indeed, we will always respect those who do not wish to discuss or engage in any spiritual work during your time with us.  We are committed to work within the boundaries YOU set in order to help lead you to the freedom and healing you seek.

However, for those of you who desire it, Aliyah is able and willing to bring direct spiritual work into the mentoring process.  We will work at the level and intensity that is most conducive to your healing and with which you are comfortable.

Aliyah's View of How Change Happens

Not a single person is beyond hope, because with God ALL things truly ARE possible (Mark 10:27, King James Version).  But most real change requires work and effort in order to break through self-protective barriers which tend to make us inclined to resist change.  Typically, change does not happen in a single moment, but little by little as we feel safe enough to take a step…and then another.  As trust is established, you will begin to feel safe enough to venture away from survival patterns and will, most likely, be more willing and able to engage the process.   

There are numerous ways in which change can occur.  It can happen as a result of being seen, heard, and understood.  Change can occur as we gain understanding of ourselves, others, and God.  Change can also occur as we begin to work on destructive thought patterns that impede life and contribute to unwanted behavior cycles.  Often, as we feel safe enough to explore the thoughts, emotions, and realities we fear, we are able to take new steps and break out of unwanted patterns we never thought possible.   The mentoring/coaching process has the potential to allow for all of these opportunities, and therefore, provides you with a safe venue to begin this journey.