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    Mentoring services for eating disorders and other mental health and life issues.                         

Aliyah Connect Inc. is a non-profit organization at the heart of Indianapolis, located in a cedar cabin nestled within a residential neighborhood.  We provide mentoring, guidance and support for individuals struggling with a variety of life challenges. While our primary focus concerns eating disorders of all types, we also work with individuals in the midst of life transitions, adjustment difficulties and mental health issues.  

We strive to help clients achieve greater freedom from their struggles, especially those who require additional support beyond individual counseling, but whom do not yet need inpatient care.  In addition, we provide referral services for those who are unable to work with Aliyah.  

Our goal is to help all individuals find a path that will help them obtain freedom from their struggles. Whether a person decides to work with us, or chooses to utilize our referral services, we are committed to helping clients discover organizations and resources which will increase their ability to function well in their personal and professional lives. 

We do this by administering initial assessments to determine the appropriate level of care and provide recommendations accordingly.  We provide recovery coaching, mentor/support for individuals and their families, and Growth groups (as available).  We are strong believers that people heal in community, specifically within the context of relationship; therefore we use a strong relational approach with our clients. ​     

Aliyah's Growth Groups will focus on various aspects of healing, such as breaking the power of shame and finding our true identity; thereby helping facilitate the clients' overall recovery process.   

We believe a team approach gives our clients the best chance at recovery.  For a significant number of clientele who struggle with eating disorders and other mental health diagnosis, we require, and help set up, a treatment team outside of Aliyah Connect.  We work in conjunction with the other treatment providers (therapists, dietitians, medical doctors) to give clients adequate support in their recovery.